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Sensory With Savannah

Learning Littles: Sensory Adventures for Toddlers at CFA

Learning Littles: Sensory Adventures for Toddlers at CFA

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This workshop series is designed to engage children in sensory exploration while learning about colors, numbers, shapes, and animals. Each session lasts for 45 minutes and is divided into several activities.

Time: 12:45 to 1:30

Location: 60 E-Main Street, Kings Park, NY 11754


Week 1: Color Sensory Workshop - Tuesday, May 7th

  • Color Sorting - Children sort colored objects into baskets.
  • Color Mixing - Children experiment with mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.
  • Color Hunt - Children search for colored objects around the room.

Week 2: Number Sensory Workshop - Tuesday, May 14th

  • Number Counting - Children count objects and match them to numeral cards.
  • Number Tracing - Children trace numbers in sensory materials.
  • Number Hunt - Children search for numeral cards.

Week 3: Shape Sensory Workshop - Tuesday, May 21st

  • Shape Sorting - Children sort shaped objects into containers.
  • Shape Building - Children mold shapes out of playdough.
  • Shape Hunt - Children search for shape cutouts.

Week 4: Animals Sensory Workshop - Tuesday, May 28th

  • Animal Sounds - Children identify animals sounds and mimic them.
  • Animal Texture Exploration - Children match textures to animal pictures
  • Animal Habitat Sensory Bins - Children create animal habitats using sensory materials.
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